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non-combustibility and fire-resistance

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Universal glue for high temperatures up to 1200 ° C

It does not release any fumes or flammable substances at high temperatures.

Water soluble, soiled tools can be washed with water.

Properties of Klebepaste

Properties of Klebepaste

With Klebepaste inorganic glue, you can stick Grena vermiculite boards not only together, but also on steel, concrete, masonry, stone, ceramics, wood, etc.

It can also be used for direct contact with fire.

Its practical packaging allows easy application. 

Processing and application

Processing and application

Mix the glue well before processing. Cartridge must be well "rotten". We recommend processing the glue at temperatures above + 10 ° C. The surfaces must be clean, dry, free of dust and grease before application.

After applying the glue with a notched trowel or "caterpillar", lightly press the dry counterpart onto one surface and gently press the two surfaces together in a circular motion to fill all joints.

The glued materials must be pressed together within approx. 3 minutes. Make sure that the glue does not close its surface and create undesirable skin. The amount of Klebepaste depends on the glued materials. Usually the amount is in the range of 1 - 1.8 kg / m2. When applying a large amount of adhesive, remove the excess with a notched trowel.

The setting depends on the surfaces, the type of material and the amount of glue applied. At 20 ° C the glue will be set in12 hours.

  • For the bonding of various materials (if one of the surfaces is absorbent) 
  • Suitable for high temperatures, for direct contact with fire 
  • Specially developed for bonding Grena boards 
  • The glue is supplied in 1000 grams plastic cartridges
  • Durability min. 6 months 
  • Store from +5 ° C to +25 ° C
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothes. 
  • Wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles, face shield. 
  • After contact with skin (or hair), rinse affected areas with water. 
  • Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. 
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If you have contact lenses, remove them and continue rinsing.