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non-combustibility and fire-resistance

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Even better insulation abilities

Strong but lightweight element for a variety of insulation options for building structures from heat sources

Developed based on the requirements of you, customers – stove experts

Properties of non-structural insulating Grenalight boards

Properties of non-structural insulating Grenalight boards

These boards are made of expanded vermiculite and a special inorganic binder that provides high thermal shock resistance and high insulating capability. They are harmless to health and do not contain any asbestos, glass or mineral fibers.

Grenalight boards are very light (350 kg / m3), but at the same time strong and mechanically stable. There are no fumes even when it is geated up to a high temperature. Cutting produces minimal dust.

Reaction to fire according to ČSN EN 13501-1: A1

Where to use Grenalight boards

Where to use Grenalight boards

Non-structural insulating board Grenalight is designed for the highest quality insulation of fireplaces, stoves, stoves and other heaters.

It is not intended for the construction of second casings of fireplaces.

The Grenalight board was developed to meet the needs of stoves customers who were looking for an alternative to the established products on the market.

Grenalight boards can be used only for non-load-bearing and non-structural parts of fireplace enclosures. This will ensure better quality, healthier and less technologically demanding construction.

Machining and processing Grenalight

Machining and processing Grenalight

Grenalight vermiculite boards are easily machined with conventional woodworking tools. When working with them, there is minimal dust.

The board can be combined with Grenaisol boards.

We recommend using only Klebepaste glue. 

Advantages of Grenalight boards

Advantages of Grenalight boards

  • Quality, fast and economical solution 
  • Simple machining with conventional woodworking tools 
  • Fast and easy connection with glue, screws or clips 
  • Made from 100% natural materials (vermiculite) 
  • Non-combustible 
  • When heated to a high temperature, no fumes are generated 
  • Long-term material stability 
  • Recommended by stove experts
  • Insulation of walls from heat sources 
  • Insulation of double ceiling fireplace enclosure 
  • Insulation of the ceiling 
  • Insulating underlay for baking surfaces and ovens in general 
  • Insulation of furnaces - secondary insulation (behind refractory plate - eg Grenamat AS or fireclay) 
  • Insulation of niches inside fireplaces and stoves 
  • Insulation of chimney and chimney passages 
  • Construction of ventilated insulation walls in accumulation structure 
  • Filling of stoves at heat-stressed places (eg stoves above the furnace or over the heater door)

Technical data

Basic sizes [mm]
600 x 800 mm, 610 x 1000 mm
Density [kg/m3]
Thickness [mm]
30, 40, 50 mm
Classification temperature [°C]

Tolerances of boards desek:

- length and width ± 5 mm
- thickness ± 1 mm
- density ± 5%

Grenalight in accordance with ČSN EN 13501:1, reaction to fire, class A1 - non-combustible

Basic size: 610 x 1000 mm

Weight of board (kg) No of boards (pcs) Total weight of full palet (kg) No of pallets on truck (pcs) Total weight on truck (kg) Sizes of full pallet
width – length - height  (mm)
30 350 6,4 96 674 23 15 511 1020 1240 1640
40 350 8,5 72 672 23 15 456 1020 1240 1640
50 350 10,7 58 681 23 15 654 1020 1240 1650

Basic size: 600 x 800 mm

Weight of board (kg) No of boards (pcs) Total weight of full palet (kg) No of pallets on truck (pcs) Total weight on truck (kg) Sizes of full pallet
width – length - height  (mm)
30 350 5,0 96 530 33 17 490 810 1220 1640
40 350 6,7 72 532 33 17 569 810 1220 1640
50 350 8,4 58 537 33 17 728 810 1220 1650

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